Stop the NSA?

Why stop an agency that is put there to keep my family safe? Sorry, I just came from a blog about this a few minutes ago, so its still poking at my brain stem. First, like I said in a comment there, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you do not need to worry. Second, I fail to see how it is “invasion of privacy”; this is a blog site….as in public access…….as in anyone with a computer or other internet capable device can see what is on this site. I mean, I clicked a link to the post about this; I am not subscribed to it. I didn’t hack in to see what was there. I clicked a link……in a public area of the site. No invasion there. If the NSA wants to read what I post here, what do i care really? If I don’t want people seeing it, it won’t be put here.

I don’t know, I guess its just the way I have seen things since 9-11, and the Patriot Act debates.

“If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you do not have anything to worry about”.